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Roy Daye

A Funny Gentleman

Roy Daye is one of the finest gentlemen in Canadian Comedy.

As an artist...very few can touch his warmth and charm stage persona.

Watched him for over 20 years, and the one word that defines him is consistency.

I've never seen him have a bad show. Doesn’t matter where in the line up he is positioned. Roy Daye IS MONEY IN THE BANK!

-- Kenny Robinson

Roy Daye works meticulously to make everything in his life look easy, but those who know Roy admire how hard he works at comedy & life. Roy is a true Jamaican gentleman.

--Kevin Herod

The author, David Reuben, has known Mr. Roy Daye for over 20years. Roy is one of the nicest and genuine people in the Canadian Comedy Community. A true gentleman who does comedy for the pure love of the art form. And Mr. Daye does it with skill and ease, and he makes the audience feel like they are sitting on a couch and chatting with him.

Roy states: “I did my first set in 1997 at the Bamboo Club in downtown Toronto. I’m not even sure how the set went but It felt bloody amazing, it was like the door got kicked open, and I was gifted my place in haven. Fell in love and have never left. It was my Tada moment!”

Mr. Roy Daye was born in Albert Town Trelawney Jamaica, moved around a little as a child, with his Dad’s Mom in Savoy and then his Mom’s Mom in what’s known now as lower Christiana back in the day, and it was known as Christiana Bottom, He moved to Kingston to his Mom’s brother house before coming to Canada at the age of 11yrs old.

The Jamaican culture and life are still alive and well within Roy, His comedy is more observational than interspatial. Mr. Daye says, “My Mom can be funny, she sure is charming as hell, and my Dad is funnier than her, but he can also be a very serious man.”

Roy’s material is organic, and he tailors it to the crowd he is performing for. If it is a Caribbean crowd the material has a Jamaican flavour. When he is doing a club or bar show his material is more about his life and what is happening in the world.

One thing that is always obvious, Roy Daye has an easy stage presence. “I’m kinda starting to think you get your gifts as an artist, this is mine! I love performing stand- up, I’m interactive and easy going, when I headline, I’m in conversations with the audience, and when I MC I have to be in conversation with the audience.”

Roy Daye started his journey in stand-up comedy in his early thirties at a time when he already had a fulfilling career as a professional chef. He spent 3 years doing open mic shows and working to get promoted off the Yuk Yuk’s New Talent Night.

In 2000, Roy got his first paid comedy gig. For stand-up comics that first pay cheque from comedy is the sweetest money you have ever made. And Mr. Roy Daye has one of the best perspectives on his stand-up career. “I do not feel comedy owes me anything. I have been blessed to travel across Canada and the USA performing. I have discovered myself through comedy and it is my outlet. Comedy helps with my mental health, and I am grateful for the audiences.”

When not booked on professional stages, Roy hits the open mic bars to work on new material. As Roy says, “all stage time is beneficial.” Roy has advice for young comics; “Write like crazy, work clean, be nice & kind, and self promote.”

Like every other entertainer, Covid-19 has been hard on Roy. It has been a roller coaster of emotion, not being able to perform live stand-up comedy, and adjusting to being laid off from his full-time job. Mr. Daye has been writing and waiting to burst out on the stage. “I know that when Covid is over and I get to perform comedy in a live crowd I will appreciate it way more that ever.” To relax Mr. Roy Daye loves riding his motorcycle, his bicycle, working out, cooking, and playing golf.

To find out more about Mr. Roy Daye visit and if you run into Roy at a Comedy Club, Gym, or the Golf Course say hi.

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