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Saturday January 6, 2018 - Show starts at 9pm

Happy Hour Comedy @ ein-stein December 3rd Host: AJ Bate Featuring: Bruno Di Girolamo, Joel West, Sean Price, Doug Calderwood-Smith and special guests Michael Moses & Marc Hallworth. Sign in at 7:30pm and Show Starts at 8pm 229 College Street.

Happy Hour Comedy @ ein-stein December 10th Host: Andrew Cholfe Featuring: Taymour Israr, Will Noye, Cory Goldhar, Surer Deria and special guests Julia Bruce & Dave Sokolowski Sign in at 7:30pm and Show Starts at 8pm 229 College Street.

Happy Hour Comedy @ ein-stein December 17th Host: Mike Payne Featuring: A True Open Mic Sign in at 7:30pm and Show Starts at 8pm 229 College Street.

Happy Hour Comedy @ ein-stein December 24th and December 31st No Shows - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Happy Hour Comedy @ ein-stein December 31st No Shows - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

David Reuben, President of The Comedy Green Room is pleased to announce the redesign of

I would like to thank Ms. Skylar Hart for her hard work and dedication for on taking on this redesign project.

Skylar Hart is a passionate, incredibly hardworking person with many talents and interests in a variety of industries.

​She's been fortunate to collaborate with many leading companies in television and film production in New York City for television shows and live events.

​She has diversified her direction to include Branding, Social Media, Marketing, Web Design, Video Producing, Editing and Photography for various companies, profit and non-profit organizations.

​When she's not behind the camera, she's an actor and petite model!

For more information on Ms. Skylar Hart visit:

Kenny Robinson and the Nubian Disciples of Pryor: Sunday December 17th at 8:30 pm... Yuk Yuk’s Downtown 224 Richmond W. in Toronto, ON 416.967.6425. Mention you found out about this event on

Cameron House Comedy

Every Monday Night The Cameron House @ 408 Queen Street West in Toronto. This is a themed show (they ask you to work the monthly theme into your set.) The show starts at 8pm and it showcase 5 comics and has 4 lotto spots each week. To book a spot e-mail: or message them on Facebook Mention you found out about this event on

Comedy Monday Night in Calgary Alberta

Every Monday Night; at 8pm @ Broken City 613-11 Ave. SW. in Calgary, AB James Moore presents Western Canada’s longest running open mic where amateur, professional and first time comedians gather. For more information visit

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Kenny Robinson & Darren Frost Present: Rank N Vile

Misters Robinson and Frost combine their talents for a fun night of XXX Rated Comedy. Click on the link below to find out where they will be next. Mention you found out about this event on

Richard Glen Lett presents “Sober But Never Clean Cross Canada Tour”:

This hit one man show, uses stand-up comedy, slam poetry, storytelling and original music to tell legendary comedian Richard Lett's story of recovery from addiction.

Richard Glen Lett delivers a great message wrapped in light and dark humor like a little chocolate hug – a treat to experience.” - Wayne Steer – Fresh Start Recovery Centre, Calgary, AB.

"Lett's timing, tone and delivery were pitch-perfect. He transitioned seamlessly between funny and serious and was as comfortable behind a piano as he was behind a mic stand.”

“ - a good option for those who have struggled with addiction or recovery, know someone who has, or who just have trouble opening up without a drink in their hand. It's also a funny, fresh take on stand-up that transcends the genre. Speaking of stand-up, fans of the genre should definitely appreciate this performance, but the show pulls heartstrings as often as it provokes laughter." – Daniel O.W. Smith – Raise The Hammer

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Charity Work: The Comedy Green Room is proud to be aligned with these two wonderful charities.

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Comedy Spotlight: Mr. Kenny Robinson

A Living Legend in Canadian Comedy!

"Kenny Robinson is one of the most honest clever and relevant comics working in Canada today. The fact that he is also legendarily kind seems almost perverse!"-- Mark Breslin

“After 25 years of watching comedy and doing thousands of shows I have compiled a top ten funniest sets. Kenny holds two of those spots

The only godfather of Canadian comedy. He has helped more comics than any festival has.

The only barometer for funny to me is if Kenny laughs” -- Darren Frost

“One of the most passionate ..."Father"...."Son"..."Friend"..."Comic". And is equally qualified in all. A night with Kenny Robinson will change you...Love that man...xoxo” -- BJ Woodbury

"First time I met Kenny Robinson, he was licking a lady's feet (with her permission of course) and therefore Kenny Robinson is my hero, he's vile, at times raucous and always relevant! He's a funny man who has mentored and guided other funny people such as myself selflessly and generously. He is a kind soul, a great father and a true gentleman" -- Arthur Simeon

“Kenny was the first comic who spoke to my sense of humor. I didn't even know you were allowed to say those things on stage. Sometimes you can’t because you don’t know how to execute the joke, but Kenny certainly can. He showed me that it's okay to say what you are thinking on the inside, outside.” -- Shannon Laverty

“It's seems like Kenny Robinson has always been there, toward the top...a comedian I admired, somebody whose respect I wanted to earn. After 45 years in comedy he's still funny, fresh, relevant and smooth as silk. The man is an oak. Happy 45th anniversary pal.” – John Moses

When I ran Yuk Yuk’s Komedy Kabaret in Toronto (from 1981 thru ‘85) as club business manager and as agent for all the comics, I developed a great working relationship with Kenny Robinson who always turned up, delivered a great set and was a great ambassador for the club at any gig I gave him. I consider the 80’s as the “golden era” of Canadian stand-up comedy when stars such as Mike MacDonald, Pat Bullard, Howard Busgang, Glen Foster and Evan Carter filled clubs and became household names. Kenny Robinson joined that elite group and carved his own special niche by creating his Nubian Disciples of Prior, a comedy collective of multicultural stand-up comics who brought a new perspective to the stage. In recent years, Kenny’s long career in an industry known for its frequent crash’n’burns has been rewarded with a variety accolades and awards including the Canadian Comedy Awards “Phil Hartman Award” in 2014. Kenny Robinson is one of the most articulate and incisive stand-up comics working today (“still crazy after all these years”) and I’m thrilled to see him still packing ‘em in! G xxx – Glenda Fordham

"Kenny has been incredibly supportive and giving as a fellow comic. It never mattered what show he was running, whether it be an open mic or his Nubian show he always allowed or I should say encouraged comics to take risks to grow and was himself a true example of this in his own comedy. Forever grateful for our friendship.” -- Kate Davis

The author [David Reuben] first met Mr. Kenny Robinson in the fall of 1983 when I was a raw amateur with 2 sets under my belt, and Kenny was already craving out his reputation as a fearless Headliner and MC. In those days pro comics to a while to warm up to the Newbies. Lucky that Kenny and I bonded over our mutual love of Jazz and Blues.

Mr. Kenny Robinson was born in Winnipeg Manitoba on January 7, 1958 to a black father and white mother. Kenny states; “I don't know if being bi racial was a blessing or a curse.”

The Robinson family move to Chicago when young Kenny was one year old. Kenny’s father was an entertainer [tap dancer, song and dance man, and drummer] who passed away when Kenny was 9 years old. Kenny Robinson’s mom was a young widow raising two energetic boys [Kenny & Scotty] while working multiple jobs. “Had he lived, I'm sure he would have groomed me to be a Vegas type act.... don’t think he would have dug the style I created for myself.”

This amazing comedy career stared with an amateur night at the Royal Albert Arms in his hometown of Winnipeg Manitoba in April of 77. Mr. Kenny Robinson remembers; “I never was a big comedy fan...I loved Jonathan Winters, Jackie Gleason...but my favorites were impressionist...GEORGE KIRBY, FRANK GORSHEN, RICH LITTLE...

I really had no desire to do stand-up...I wanted to act...but after hearing RICHARD PRYOR’S “THAT NIGGAS CRAZY” … that was the beginning of my career, and the end of any shot of a normal life.”

The late 1970 was a booming time for comedy in Chicago and Kenny took advantage of this to learn his craft. The Comedy Cottage, the Comedy Womb, Zanies, Kobarts COMEDY. Zanies wasn't a showcase room like the others. “In the showcase rooms you got paid between 2-5 bucks a spot.... each spot booked you by Time...say 915-925....then you'd hop in your car to hit the other rooms. You had to do 3 spots a week in each club to get you set money. So, it wouldn't be strange to be pulling 9-12 spots a week.”

Kenny Robinson’s kindness to up and coming comics is legendary, but at the beginning he was an up and coming comic under the wings of Orlando Reyes & Jim Faye.

Orlando Reyes was smooth as silk, and blue as you could get. “Orlando taught me to just have fun and be funny.”

Jim FAYE....Second City, Chicago COMEDY RANGERS....who once hit every stage in Chicago one night with Robin Williams… Improving till the Sun came up. “Jim was more about finding my voice, being smart, and not so filthy.”

Jim Faye suggested that Kenny Robinson should study and try to hang with Arsenio Hall who was living in Chicago in the late 1970’s. Kenny explains; “he wasn't cool like Orlando....and a terrible joke thief. I'm taking about scoring great reviews in all of the Chicago newspapers… And half a dozen comics reading their jokes in the review...”

In 1983 Kenny Robinson relocated to Toronto and started blazing his trail and the original Yuk Yuk’s Komedy Kabaret on Bay Street in Yorkville. By 1984 Kenny was able to quit his day job and concentrate full-time on Comedy. Young Mr. Robinson took note that in the 1980’s there were only Five Black Comic’s working in Toronto. Himself, Ronny Edwards, Greg Morton, Evan Carter, and Eugene Clark.

Kenny Robinson credits his longevity in the Canadian Comedy Business to “Tenacity” but the author [David Reuben] tends to think it has more to do with staying current, changing his act as his life changes, being political or radical when needed and just being a really talented nice guy. “

Mr. Robinson has toured throughout Canada, the USA, the UK and South Africa.. Kenny says; “Political Comedy is my CRACK and I think I do it as well as ANYONE in the country. My act is a bit on the extreme side, so audiences have been about the same wherever I perform. 85% Digging ME...15% HATING ME.” Kenny Robinson’s ability to walk full rooms has become folklore in the Canadian Comedy Community.”

Kenny Robinson has concurred Television, Film and Radio including but not limited to hosting The Gemini Awards and was twice nominated for his writing and performance in his ground breaking one hour special "Thick and Thin" co-staring Ronny Edwards on the CBC.

Kenny has earned accolades as the creator, writer, producer and host of the edgy late-night series "After Hours with Kenny Robinson" on The Comedy Network.

His episode of the CBC's Comics has been referred by the Toronto Star as "One of the few episodes that still stand with the test of time."

For 2 years he was one of the co-hosts of "The Morning Rush" on Flow 93.5fm, Canada's first black owned hip hop radio station.

In the UK Kenny was on the TV show Paramount World Stand Up as well as doing every major club that the UK had to offer.

As an actor Kenny has appeared in such films as "Third Miracle" with Ed Harris, "Down To Earth" with Chris Rock, Clement Virgo's "Love comes Down", and David Sutherland's "Love, Sex, and Eating the Bones and many more."

Mr. Robinson has appeared on the CBC's "Royal Canadian Air Farce", Showtime's "Soul Food", and has a wide fan base from his re-occurring roles as "Jelly Bean" on PAX series "Doc", starring Billy Ray Cyrus, and as "Mickey" on the teen favourite "Radio Free Roscoe" on the "Noggin" Network.

Thought all this Mr. Kenny Robinson is most admired for helping young comics, in fact in 1986 Kenny took a young raw Brent Butt on his first road trip. The Famed Groundhog Pub at Bloor & Sherbourne in Toronto was a Tuesday night must play in the late 1990’s and comics such as Kate Davis, Jason Rouse, Terry Clement and Dan Dunn would compete for the $75 going to the best act of the night. In fact, the author [David Reuben] witnessed Dan Dunn riding his motorcycle into the basement of the Groundhog on more than one occasion.

In 1995 Kenny Robinson changed the Colour of Comedy in Canada with his Nubian Disciples of Pryor. Black comics need to be on it, Brown comics want to be on it. White comics beg to be on it. Twenty-One years and counting and careers have been made on this show, careers have been ended on this show. According to Kenny;” the Nubian show is like the Count Basie Band, great players come in and great players leave. That is what keeps it fresh.” The Nubian Disciples of Pryor will continue “until I'm out in the grave, and my friends carry me out to Steve Millers The Joker.”

Recently, Kenny spent his birthday hanging with good buddy Russell Peters in Los Angeles &Tempe Arizona and doing what he does best. A little stand-up and a little partying.

For the past couple of years, you will catch Kenny on the road with his homie Darren Frost doing their “RANK AND VILE” TOUR. “We kick the fuck out of rooms together across the country.”

When not working you will find Kenny Robinson hanging with his 3 kids, Chelsea, Bo, and Izzy. Or he could be visiting his mother who has not lost any of her vim and vigor. “My mom wanted me to bring her soup....1145 PM


What is happening in the future for Mr. Kenny Robinson is being kept close to the vest by the Legend? But like famed trumpet virtuoso Clark Terry says; Keep On Keepin On!

"Kenny has always been a leader in our community. He has always helped younger comics whenever he could and I am grateful for those times where he has helped me" – Gerry Dee

To find out more about Mr. Kenny Robinson visit

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New Book: Remember Laughter Is The Best Medicine!

Help! My Feelings are sticking out of my gown! An expressive therapeutic workbook created for chronic illness, medical or physically challenged children and young adolescents. Author Maurie Shapiro-Comenzo, PhD Co-Author/illustrator Jordyn Shapiro. For more information visit

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Our 17th year starts Dec. 31, 2017, I would personally like to thank everyone who is on, everyone who visits The Comedy Green Room, and everyone who tells others about The Comedy Green Room will continue to strive to be: “A Comprehensive guide to Local, National, & International Comedy” The largest independently run comedy resource in the world.

17Years of Comedy:

New Year’s Eve 2000 without a gig and my girlfriend at the time out of town, I had just finished an HTML course at Community College. I registered the name and started to play around with the html. Put two stand-up comics on the website, The Fabulous Kenny Robinson and Ruby. A pretty basic website to say the least!

Sixteen years later, and I never imagined the impact my little website would have on the international comedy community. I have stood by the philosophy of promoting stand-up comedy for the love of stand-up comedy. The website has proven stars on the site as well as unknown comics. And some of the known comics ten years ago are now household names.

Here are some of the highlights from the last 16 years;


Metro Today did an article on The Comedy Green Room in the October 17, 2002 issue. This article can be on the press and media page of

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The JT Huntley Comedy Fest 2002: Sponsored by The Comedy Green Room

To Honor the memory of Stand-up Comic JT Huntley. Always laugh, always remember. Featuring some of Canada’s best & brightest Comedians. Proceeds to benefit the Canadian Diabetes Association.

The show was on Saturday November 9, 2002 at 8:30pm. At Ein-Steins Café & Pub, 229 College St.

The First Annual JT Huntley Toronto Comedy Fest, sponsored by The Comedy Greenroom, Raised $870.00 for the Canadian Diabetes Association.

The JT Huntley Comedy Fest 2003: Sponsored by The Comedy Green Room

The JT Huntley Comedy Fest 2003 was pleased to announce Poor Alex Cabaret as the opening night venue. The Ed Pollak Talent Search Finals was held at Ein-Stein Cafe & Pub. The Gala Show was held at Revival Nightclub.

The Finals of The Ed Pollak Talent Search at Ein-Stein Cafe & Pub, 229 College Street in Toronto, ON was a close fought competition won by Tyler Morrison with runner-up Edgar George right behind as judged by the celebrity- panel of corporate sponsors.

Sponsored by The Comedy Green Room

The HogTown Comedy Festival™ 2005:

The HogTown Comedy Festival™ took place November 2nd to 6th at assorted venues in Toronto Canada. Sponsored by The Comedy Green Room.

The HogTown Comedy Festival™ 2006:
Ran from Wednesday November 9th through to Sunday November 12th, 2006 at prime downtown Toronto Comedy Venues.

The Uncle Clyde Comedy Contest:

On January 1, 2007, The Comedy Green Room add The Uncle Clyde Comedy Contest to its list of sponsorship’s. David Reuben, president of, states that “we are thrilled to be a corporate sponsor of The Uncle Clyde Comedy Contest 2007”. The Comedy Green Room did a Comedy Spotlights on the winners of each round of The Uncle Clyde Comedy Contest.

The Yuk Yuk’s Great Canadian Laugh Off:

The Comedy Green Room was a corporate sponsor of the Yuk Yuk’s Great Canadian Laugh Off in 2008 and 2009. Wrote articles called “Behind The Yuk’s”.

2007 Advisor to The Johnny Cason Comedy Festival in Norfork Nebraska

2007 Committee Member for The Canadian Comedy Awards

2008 1st recipient of "The Architect of Comedy Award" at The Cottage Country Comedy Festival in Bracebrdge ON.

Best Before!

The Comedy Green Room’s lovely and talented friend Ms. Kate Davis and her collaborator Ms. Kelly Fanson were finalist in the 2016 Stand Up & Pitch [Just For Laughs 2016] for their web series “Best Before”.

Kate Davis is a twelve-time nominee (for Best Female Standup as well as for the prestigious Phil Hartman Award) at the Canadian Comedy Awards. She is also the star of her own hour-long CTV/The Comedy Network special, Comedy Now. Kate Davis was the first female comic chosen to be on and a multiple time “Comic of The Week”.

Kelly Fanson is an acclaimed actor and voice performer, with writing, producing and directing credits. Along with optioning screenplays she has directed theatre for The Toronto Fringe Festival.

To view season 1 of Best before visit:


Toronto residents Kelly Fanson, left, and Kate Davis have created a comedy web series inspired by their lives called ‘Best Before,’ aimed at the 40-something audience.

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New Book!!

"You Can Do Anything"

Part memoir, part pep talk, Boris Chernaiks " You Can Do Anything" charts an incredible story from a three-time immigrant child wearing hand-me-down socks from the poor box to international renown performing for Royalty in the Middle East. For full book review visit:

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Yuk Yuk’s Niagara Falls

Four Points by Sheraton Niagara Falls

Fallsview 6455 Fallsview Blvd, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3V9

Yuk Yuk’s International Stand-Up Comedy, Canada’s largest comedy chain, returned to Niagara Falls on November 30, 2017 with headliner Ms. Nikki Payne

Yuk Yuk’s International Stand-Up Comedy, Canada’s largest Canadian Comedy Chain, will be making its return to Niagara Falls this fall!

The new Yuk Yuk’s boasts state of the art lights, sound and brings the best comedians from across the country and touring acts from around the world. Our Yuk Yuk’s comedians have been featured at the prestigious Just for Laughs Festival, CBC Radio’s The Debaters, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, national television shows and feature films and many more national and international Festivals and shows. Some of the comics one can expect to see at the new club in the coming months are Tom Green (The Tom Green Show), Mike MacDonald (HBO, Showtime, The Comedy Network) Pete Johansson (Netflix, Comedy Central, Just for Laughs), Tim Steeves (The Rick Mercer Report, The Comedy Network, Just for Laughs), Nikki Payne (NBC’s Last Comic Standing), and many more hilarious comedians!

For more information and tickets please visit:

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