March 2018

Happy Hour Comedy @ ein-stein March 4th Host: Ruby. Featuring: Páraic Scully, Mike Tymofie, Duane McMullen, Marty Simsovic, George Burgess and special guests Andrew Packer & Carrie Eklund. Sign in at 7:30pm and Show Starts at 8pm 229 College Street.

Happy Hour Comedy @ ein-stein March 11th Host: Jesse Teran. Featuring: Cynthia van Leeuwen, Akeem Hoyte-Charles, Eva Alexo, James Clark, Jay Scott Cowan and special guests Cassie Cao & TBA. Sign in at 7:30pm and Show Starts at 8pm 229 College Street.

Happy Hour Comedy @ ein-stein March 18th Host: AJ Bate. Featuring: Glen Griffith, Steve Girodat, Ainsley McPhail, Jeremy Yaksich, Jordan Chyzowski and special guests Michael Moses & Kelly Zemnickis. Sign in at 7:30pm and Show Starts at 8pm 229 College Street.

Happy Hour Comedy @ ein-stein March 25th Host: Marc Hallworth. Featuring: Anjelica Scannura, Cameron LaPrairie, Tiina Giocada, Dan Brennan, Tariq Khan, Lucy Grrvais, Luke Yuri Prince and special guests Neil Rhodes & TBA. Sign in at 7:30pm and Show Starts at 8pm 229 College Street.

Kenny Robinson and the Nubian Disciples of Pryor: March 25th at 8:30 pm... Yuk Yuk’s Downtown 224 Richmond W. in Toronto, ON 416.967.6425. Mention you found out about this event on

Cameron House Comedy

Every Monday Night The Cameron House @ 408 Queen Street West in Toronto. This is a themed show (they ask you to work the monthly theme into your set.) The show starts at 8pm and it showcase 5 comics and has 4 loto spots each week. To book a spot e-mail: or message them on Facebook Mention you found out about this event on

Comedy Monday Night in Calgary Alberta

Every Monday Night; at 8pm @ Broken City 613-11 Ave. SW. in Calgary, AB James Moore presents Western Canada’s longest running open mic where amateur, professional and first time comedians gather. For more information visit Mention you found out about this event on

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Richard Glen Lett presents “Sober But Never Clean Cross Canada Tour”:

This hit one man show, uses stand-up comedy, slam poetry, storytelling and original music to tell legendary comedian Richard Lett's story of recovery from addiction.

Richard Glen Lett delivers a great message wrapped in light and dark humor like a little chocolate hug – a treat to experience.” - Wayne Steer – Fresh Start Recovery Centre, Calgary, AB.

"Lett's timing, tone and delivery were pitch-perfect. He transitioned seamlessly between funny and serious and was as comfortable behind a piano as he was behind a mic stand.”

“ - a good option for those who have struggled with addiction or recovery, know someone who has, or who just have trouble opening up without a drink in their hand. It's also a funny, fresh take on stand-up that transcends the genre. Speaking of stand-up, fans of the genre should definitely appreciate this performance, but the show pulls heartstrings as often as it provokes laughter." – Daniel O.W. Smith – Raise The Hammer

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This Months Comedy Spotlight is Ms. Shannon Laverty!

The Lady Is Amazing!

Shannon Laverty is finally receiving the recognition and bookings she has long deserved. She had asked for no quarter, nor given any. There isn’t a stage that she is not the master of. - Kenny Robinson

Shannon's joke about the fart that comes up the front and tickles your clit is one of those jokes you wished you wrote yourself. - Christina Walkinshaw

Shannon Laverty is a tremendous Stand-Up, no question. However, it’s her prowess as an MC, specifically her crowd work that made the greatest impression on me when I was MCing on the Yuk’s roster. She can read people up and down and is exceptionally quick witted. If you’re an aspiring comedy club MC, go watch Shannon in action and take notes. - Dini Dimakos

she's a force- a hurricane of female empowerment onstage taunting her audience with her brassy take on men women and the world." - Mark Breslin

I think every comic has a time and it’s not always when they are just starting out or when they are doing the most work. I think Shannon's time is now. What she says about her own life and her struggles lines up with what people are starving to hear especially women and she has been one of the most solid comics we have seen doing one of our tv galas. - Lara Rae

When you gig with Shannon, you always feel like when you’re sitting in her hairdresser’s chair: In excellent hands! The comics love and trust her with secrets you only tell your hairdresser - a lot of us have our hair done by her. Audiences adore her too because of her ability to connect with them. She’s raunchy, she’s poignant, and very funny and quick. - Martha E. Chaves

“There’s a reason Shannon Laverty has been performing stand-up comedy for over 25 years…she’s damn great at it. She’s edgy, smart and real. Shannon possesses a razor- sharp comic mind that leaves you aching from laughter and lost in interesting imagery.” - Will Conlon, Doing It Podcast

The author, David Reuben, recently, had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the lovely and talented Ms. Shannon Laverty. Watching Ms. Laverty perform is like watching a skilled surgeon, she quickly finds the collective pulse of the audience and then molds it into the single unit she envisions.

Ms. Shannon Laverty was born and raised in Saskatoon. She is the youngest of three children and always wanted her presence known. Shannon recalls; “I think I got some of my sense of humor from my Dad. My Mom was funny too.” Shannon’s mom Ruth says; “Shannon was born at 7:37 and was an active child who was intended to fly.”

By age 20. Shannon owned her own hair salon which happened to be in the same hotel as the Yuk Yuk’s in Saskatoon. Already involved in theatre Shannon took the leap to stand-up comedy. “They kept making announcements that there was a contest for the funniest new comic in Canada. I thought I could do it. I was already doing theatre at the time. How much harder could it be?”

The author thinks that Ms. Laverty made the right decision about trying stand-up. Since entering the Yuk Yuks Search for Canada's Funniest New Comic over 25 years ago Laverty has been nominated four times for a Canadian comedy award. Ms. Laverty has seen all of Canada many times while touring as an MC and Headlining act. Internationally, she has performed in shows in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, South Africa. In October of 2006 Shannon performed at a NATO base in Germany and hopes one day to travel the world performing for military personnel.

In 1991, at age 21, Shannon Laverty took the leap to move from Saskatoon to Toronto. It was time to spread her comedy wings. According to good friend Mark Christian Walker; Shannon arrived in Toronto with 2 hockey bags full of clothes and a dream.” Shannon shared an apartment with Mark Christian Walker when she moved to Toronto and he always worried she was going to hit her head on the low ceiling. Mark says; “Shannon has never lost her love of performing and tells the truth which upset people at the beginning of her career but today is praised for her candor on stage.”

Shannon Laverty is a well-rounded person who is generous to a fault, a great cook, and loves to try new things. One of those new things was going back to school for a Radio and TV diploma from Seneca College in Toronto. She accomplished this while working two part-time jobs and doing stand-up comedy.” I finished with high honors and on the Deans honor roll. First time I felt smart.”

Stand-Up Comedy is a tough business and even harder for female comic’s, but Ms. Shannon Laverty has not only survived but thrived for over a quarter century. Mom Ruth says; “when she started I was worried for her, but I knew she would succeed because of her stubbornness. It is a pleasure to watch her perform, and our relatives are amazed. When I see Shannon on television, I ask her what the heck are you wearing.”

Today, Shannon Laverty is considered one of the best MC’s working in Canada and is a requested Headliner. In December 2014, Shannon was named as a top host of the year in Now Magazine by comedy critic Glen Sumi.

She loves living in Toronto and when not working at her hair salon or performing, you will find Shannon at the gym. Shannon states; “The hair salon has always kept me in touch with the “real world”. It took a long time for me to find myself in stand up. I mean I always tried to stay true to my voice of being edgy. I don’t tend to give up, plus my love for performing is so high. I love being on stage and connecting with an audience. I stopped listing to people who told me I shouldn’t talk like that. I feel like I am finally able to say what I want because I have the life experience to back it.”

Ms. Shannon Laverty is working on a web series called “The Salon” it is about her working in a salon and the wacky clients she deals with and her assistant. It was co-written by Bonnie Anderson and Shannon Laverty. They also co-produced the first 3 episodes. Shannon is also looking at putting together material for a second CD. That should happen in the 2018.

If you see Ms. Shannon Laverty at the hair salon, at the gym or on a stage near you say hi. She may even give you some hair tips.

For more information on Ms. Shannon Laverty visit

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Comedy Animation:

Ms. Jordyn Shapiro has just complete a comedy animation titled "Ruby The Darkest Mind in Comedy. Check out this talent artist work at

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Stage Time Magazine: David Reuben, president of, would like to thank Tasha A. Harris of Stage Time Magazine for doing the excellent article on The Comedy Green Room. Check it out by visiting or

New Book:

Remember Laughter Is The Best Medicine!

Help! My Feelings are sticking out of my gown! An expressive therapeutic workbook created for chronic illness, medical or physically challenged children and young adolescents. Author Maurie Shapiro-Comenzo, PhD Co-Author/illustrator Jordyn Shapiro. For more information visit

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Comedy Festivals:

Saturday March 3,2017

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The Comedy Green Room is proud to be aligned with these two wonderful charities.

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David Reuben, President of The Comedy Green Room is pleased to announce the redesign of

I would like to thank Ms. Skylar Hart for her hard work and dedication for on taking on this redesign project.

Skylar Hart is a passionate, incredibly hardworking person with many talents and interests in a variety of industries.

​She's been fortunate to collaborate with many leading companies in television and film production in New York City for television shows and live events.

​She has diversified her direction to include Branding, Social Media, Marketing, Web Design, Video Producing, Editing and Photography for various companies, profit and non-profit organizations.

​When she's not behind the camera, she's an actor and petite model!

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Kenny Robinson & Darren Frost Present: Rank N Vile

Misters Robinson and Frost combine their talents for a fun night of XXX Rated Comedy. Click on the link below to find out where they will be next. Mention you found out about this event on

New Book!!

"You Can Do Anything"

Part memoir, part pep talk, Boris Chernaiks " You Can Do Anything" charts an incredible story from a three-time immigrant child wearing hand-me-down socks from the poor box to international renown performing for Royalty in the Middle East. For full book review visit:

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Best Before!

The Comedy Green Room’s lovely and talented friend Ms. Kate Davis and her collaborator Ms. Kelly Fanson were finalist in the 2016 Stand Up & Pitch [Just For Laughs 2016] for their web series “Best Before”

Kate Davis is a twelve-time nominee (for Best Female Standup as well as for the prestigious Phil Hartman Award) at the Canadian Comedy Awards. She is also the star of her own hour-long CTV/The Comedy Network special, Comedy Now. Kate Davis was the first female comic chosen to be on and a multiple time “Comic of The Week.”

Kelly Fanson is an acclaimed actor and voice performer, with writing, producing and directing credits. Along with optioning screenplays she has directed theatre for The Toronto Fringe Festival.

To view season 1 of Best before visit:


Toronto residents Kelly Fanson, left, and Kate Davis have created a comedy web series inspired by their lives called ‘Best Before,’ aimed at the 40-something audience.

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