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New Year’s Eve 2001 without a gig and my girlfriend at the time out of town, I had just finished an HTML course at Community College. I registered the name The Comedy Green Room Dot Com and started to play around with the HTML. Put two stand-up comics on the website, The Fabulous Kenny Robinson and Ruby. An extremely basic website to say the least!


In the beginning no comics wanted to be on the site from Toronto so I branched out to Eastern & Western Canada and got some response. Encouraged, I then contact comics in the USA, UK, France, Russia etc. Once Jennifer Lee Pryor contacted me it helped legitimize The Comedy Green Room and soon I had over 300 comics, every comedy festival, and every comedy club worldwide.

With the power of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, I decided to streamline the site a couple of years ago as everything comedy was being done on social media. We still promote comics; comedy events and fundraisers and I continue to send out my monthly newsletter.

Twenty Three years later, and I never imagined the impact my little website would have on the international comedy community. I have stood by the philosophy of promoting stand-up comedy for the love of stand-up comedy. The website had proven stars on the site as well as unknown comics. And some of the known comics twenty Three years ago are now household names.

Richard Pryor
Ricard Pryor_1jpg.jpg

In early 2003, I received a phone call from Jennifer Lee Pryor saying that Richard loves The Comedy Green Room and would like to be on the site. They gave me permission to use his first Tonight Show picture. The best phone call I have ever gotten


2002 & 2003..To Honour the memory of Stand-up Comic JT Huntley.  Always laugh, always remember.  Featuring some of Canada’s best & brightest Comedians. Proceeds  benefited the Canadian Diabetes Association


The HogTown Comedy Festival 2004, 2005, & 2006   Three night of comedy each year with over 50 performers. At prime downtown Toronto, ON Canada locations. The shows featured outstanding comics from Canada, the USA, and the UK.

 Proceeds  benefited

Uncle Clydes.jpg

On January 1, 2007, The Comedy Green Room add The Uncle Clyde Comedy Contest to its list of sponsorship’s.  David Reuben, president of

The Comedy Green Room  stated that “we are thrilled to be a corporate sponsor of The Uncle Clyde Comedy Contest 2007”. The Comedy Green Room donated a cash price and wrote articles on the winners of each round.

Yuk Yuks.jpg

The Comedy Green Room was a corporate sponsor of Yuk Yuk’s The
Great Canadian Laugh Off in 2008 and 2009. I was asked to be a judge on some evenings of the competition. I wrote an article on Mark Breslin, Founder of Yuk Yuk's  and Stand-Up Comic Mr. Paul Myrehaug called “Behind The Yuk’s"

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 Comic Jenius


Since Wednesday July 2018, David Reuben has been working with Norm Shaw and Lars Callieou, hosts of Comic Jenius on CJSR 88.5 FM Edmonton or

The 4th Wednesday of the month is devoted to promoting Canadian, US and International comics. The full two- hour show which is live Wednesdays at Midnight Edmonton time [2am Toronto time]  profiles that month’s guest comedian booked by The Comedy Green Room Dot Com.

Norm, Lars, and David are committed to spotlighting a mix of comedy legends and up-and-comers in the Canadian, American and International Comedy Communities.

The Comedy Green Room's monthly Spotlights are on Hiatus due to the Coronavirus.

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