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Paul Adams

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Check out UK Stand-Up Comic

Mr. Paul Adams

You can also read his Comedy Green Room Blog

Linda Belt


Check out American Stand-Up Comic

Ms. Linda Belt

You can also read her Comedy Green Room Blog

Boris Cherniak


You can also read his Comedy Green Room Spotlight

Kate Davis

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Check out this dynamic Canadian Stand-Up Comic

You can also read her Comedy Green Room Spotlight

Darren Frost


Check out Darren Frost one of Canada's best 

XXX Stand-Up Comics

You can also read his Comedy Green Room Spotlight

Skylar Hart


Skylar Hart is a  passionate, incredibly hardworking person with many talents and interests in a variety of industries.

She's been fortunate to collaborate with many leading companies in television and film production in New York City for television shows and live events.

Skylar has diversified her direction to include Branding, Social Media, Marketing, Web Design, Video Producing, Editing and Photography for various companies, profit and non-profit organizations.

When she's not behind the camera, she's an actor and petite model!

For more information on Skylar Hart


Hitback Evolution


The main goal of the Hitback Evolution team is to revolutionize the fitness world by featuring short and effective workout plans for the individual with limited time.  Nevertheless, we dedicate our efforts as well in developing specific and individualized training plans for all.

Our approach to fitness and personal development is fun, rewarding, and motivational with attention focused on helping others to build a strong physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual base.  We seek to set forth by implementing a sound fitness routine along with nutritional guidance, inspiration, and the application of life-changing principles.

Ryan has trained elite athletes, people with various disabilities, and clients recovering from injury and illnesses.

 For more information on Hitback Evolution Visit:

Jordyn Leigh

Animated Empath


Jordyn is an animator, artist, empath, and storyteller.

Art saved my life; it became a great healing tool for me, taking me to a world free of pain.

I promised myself that when/if I got through this I would do what I loved to do, sharing my stories, art, and have my audience experience the journey.  Since then I keep drawing and try to stir emotions in my viewers.

I came close to death several times and it allowed me to open my spiritual window.  I have a gift to communicate spiritually and emotionally, whether through my art or through spirit.  I can feel other people’s emotions, hear and talk with those who have passed on.  From living with this gift, I learned how to sage and maintain my positive energy.

For more information on Jordyn Leigh Visit:



The goal of The Foundation for Nutrition and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in Children (NIBD) is to foster research into the clinical significance of nutrition in the management of IBD, and to educate patients in the importance of adhering to a nutritional protocol that has now been well demonstrated to be extremely beneficial for the well being of juvenile IBD patients.

For more information on NIBD In KIDS Visit:

The Fabulous Kenny Robinson


Kenny Robinson is the "Godfather of Black Comedy" in Canada. The only thing bigger than his talent is his kindness to other comics of all ethnicities.

You can also read his Comedy Green Room Spotlight

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