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Carrie Eklund

A Comic for Any Era!

Depending on the era the lovely and talented Ms. Carrie Eklund was born into she could have been Lady Godiva, Marie Antoinette. Isadora Duncan, Gypsy Rose Lee or Mae West.

However, this 40 something raven haired beauty was born into this generation, and beneath the physical attributes is a smart, charming, witty and all round funny gal.

After spending years in the modern version of a burlesque entertainer today know as Exotic Dancing, Carrie had the stage presence and confidence to branch out into Acting and Stand-Up Comedy. You may have caught her in such TV series as Nikita, Jeff Ltd., and ReGenesis to name a few.

In 2013, Ms. Eklund decide to try her hand at Stand-Up comedy something she had imagined herself doing for many years. Carrie always felt she could make crowds laugh. As luck would have it Carrie's first joke killed on her first night and she has been addicted to Stand-Up comedy ever since.

Whatever the topic that Carrie chooses to talk about, her act is brutally honest, witty and smart. You can catch the lovely and talented Ms. Carrie Eklund at a Stand-Up comedy club near you. Or you might see Carrie running with her rescue dog at a running trail near you.

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