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Mic & Mic Stand Technique

One of the differences between a newbie comic and a seasoned professional comic is their Mic & Mic Stand Technique.

I found this very simple and informative video on Mic & Mic Stand Technique by Stand-Up Comic Ms. Lisa Corrao. To find out more about Lisa visit

David Reuben, the author, has witnessed newbie comics getting tangled up with the mic stand or cord. Then they take the mic off the stand and leave the mic stand in front of them with the wire rapped around it.

Then the audience starts screaming at the comic because they can not hear them. You must talk into the microphone. If you take the mic off the stand find a proper mic to mouth level, and if you keep the mic on the stand find a proper mic stand to mouth level.

Adjust the mic stand and mic at the beginning of your set so you do not seem fidgety and uncomfortable during your set.

** If you take the mic out of the mic stand, remember to put it back onto the stand at the end of your set.**

Performing stand up comedy is hard enough, let's eliminate the problem of Mic & Mic Stand technique.

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