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Open Mic Comedy Nights

What to expect at an Open Mic Night!

I found this very simple and informative video on Open Mic Comedy Nights by Stand-Up Comic Ms. Lisa Corrao. To find out more about Lisa visit

David Reuben, the author, has been involved in the Toronto Open Mic Scene since 2000. Here are some tips I found help when you are just starting out doing Open Mics.

  • Be Early - most shows have a time limit

  • Be Prepared - Take advantage of having stage time

  • Be Polite - First impressions go a long way

  • Do not bully the producer/host about the spot you are given

  • Do not go over your time!! Usually 5 min - producers/host have a plan for the show

  • After your set do not talk over the other acts

  • If possible stay and support the other acts, if you must leave then leave quietly

  • After the show thank the producer/host before asking for another spot

Most importantly have fun at the show

Performing stand up comedy is hard enough, let's eliminate any obstacles of Open Mic Nights.

If you have an idea for a "Comedy Tip" please send them to The Comedy Green Room with the Subject Line "Comedy Tips". Please include your name and city with the "Comedy Tip" so we can give you credit.

Remember to be kind to yourself... Do something that makes you happy every day.

Reach Out To A Mental Health Professional If Necessary!!

Be Smart, Be Safe

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