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"The Light"

And not the Spotlight!!

One of the differences between a newbie comic and a seasoned professional comic is how they respect "The Light"

I found this very simple and informative video on "The Light" by Comic Ms. Lisa Corrao. To find out more about Lisa visit

David Reuben, the author, has seen comics go over the light and be eliminated from comedy completions which cost them money and high-profile club spots.

When a comic goes over "The Light" they are disrespecting the producer, club policy, MC, and the other comics. Every comedy show has a time limit and by going over "The Light" you are disrupting the flow of the show.

When you arrive at the venue ask the manager or producer how much time you have on stage. Then ask them to show you where "The Light" is located. At most venues’ performers will get a 1 min warning light. Wrap up your last joke and thank the audience. If you go slightly over your time, you will get a second light to wrap up. When you disrespect The Light" totally and continue managers and producers have been known to shut off your mic or walk on stage and take the mic out of your hands.

As a performer, I will make sure to be 30 secs short of my allotted time on stage. Club Managers have grown to trust me, independent show producers’ re-book me and other comics admire my professionalism.

As a producer, before each show I tell each performer how much time they have on stage. Show them where "The Light" will be coming from and the 1 min warning rule. 90% of the time everything is fine. But those 10% of the time when comics disrespect "The Light" it is very uncomfortable for the other comics, the audience, and me. I have to give numerous warning lights, shut the mic, and go on stage and take the mic away from the person.

Tip: Other comics talk, and you do not want a reputation of someone who goes over time


Tip: Producers talk, and you do not want a reputation of being hard to work with.

Tip: Hard to work with does not get the best booking no matter how funny you are.

Performing stand up comedy is hard enough, let's eliminate the problem of "The Light"

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Remember to be kind to yourself... Do something that makes you happy every day.

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