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"Joke Writing"

Might be important!!

There is no perfect way to understand the theory of "Joke Writing" Some comics carry a note pad and pen, others carry a voice recorder to remember ideas.

Do you have the discipline to set a segment of time everyday to write new material? Or do you prefer to do your daily routine and write when an idea strikes you?

Traditionally a joke consists of a set-up, punchline, and then a tag. Two of the best joke writers in recent history are Mr. Mike MacDonald and Mr. Rich Jeni. Both of them had the ability to add tag after tag to a punchline. About a year before Mike passed away, we were talking about joke writing after one of his shows. Mike said that he was a good tag writer, but when he worked with Rich Jeni, he was amazed at the amount of tags Rich would have for his punchlines.

Today many comics choose to be story tellers rather then traditional joke writers. Nothing wrong with this style of comedy, in fact it is very popular in the 2020's. Just a unique way of presenting your material, and a different way of writing.

I found this very simple and informative video on "Joke Writing" by Comic Ms. Lisa Corrao. To find out more about Lisa visit

Whatever style of stand-up comedy you decide to explore it will take time to develop your writing style. Not everything that you think is funny will be funny to the audience. A joke or story you think is terrible may be a big hit with the audience, yes comedy does not always make sense.

Sometimes jokes take time to develop, it took me two years to come up with the perfect tag to a bit I was struggling with. Now it is a strong part of my act.

A simple change in your writing style or routine of writing can bring a fresh new perspective to your "Joke Writing".

Tip: Do not steal.

Tip: Do not copy a style.

Tip: Always write new material.

Tip: Ask for help.

Performing stand-up comedy is hard enough, let's eliminate the stress of "Joke Writing"

If you have an idea for a "Comedy Tip" please send them to The Comedy Green Room with the Subject Line "Comedy Tips". Please include your name and city with the "Comedy Tip" so we can give you credit.

Remember to be kind to yourself... Do something that makes you happy every day.

#Mental Health

Reach Out To A Mental Health Professional If Necessary!!

Be Smart, Be Safe

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