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"Genius of Simplicity"

The "Genius of Simplicity" in Joke Writing!

The author, David Reuben, is not the most naturally talent stand-up comic. I have worked very hard over my 40 year career to become a better joke writer. Since I see life from a very dark place, I find the dark in every situation. Finding my voice was a long journey and has made joke writing easier for me.

Before I get bogged down in the complexed idea of a joke, I use the "Genius of Simplicity"

Keeping it simple helps me write stronger premises and get more punch lines and tags.

Not every premises or joke is going to work the way you want it to!

Their are nine triggers in comedy, and I found this great article by The Gag!

I found this very simple and informative video on the "Genius of Simplicity" by Jerry Corley aka The Joke Doctor.

Whatever style of stand-up comedy you decide to explore it will take time to develop your writing style. Not everything that you think is funny will be funny to the audience. A joke or story you think is terrible may be a big hit with the audience, yes comedy does not always make sense.

Sometimes jokes take time to develop, it took me two years to come up with the perfect tag to a bit I was struggling with. Now it is a strong part of my act.

A simple change in your writing style or routine of writing can bring a fresh new perspective to your "Joke Writing".

Tip: Do not steal.

Tip: Do not copy a style.

Tip: Always write new material.

Tip: Ask for help.

Performing stand-up comedy is hard enough, let's eliminate the stress of "Joke Writing"

If you have an idea for a "Comedy Tip" please send them to The Comedy Green Room with the Subject Line "Comedy Tips". Please include your name and city with the "Comedy Tip" so we can give you credit.

Remember to be kind to yourself... Do something that makes you happy every day.

Reach Out To A Mental Health Professional If Necessary!!

Be Smart, Be Safe

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