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Comic Of The Week February 21, 2022

Celebrating our 21st Year!!

I cannot believe that we are into the 21st year. So much have happened in the last two years worldwide and laughter is needed more than ever. Lucky, I have a bunch of funny friends that continue to entertain both virtually and in person.

As always, The Comedy Green Room continues to promote stand-up comedy worldwide. This year we will expand our 'blogs' visibility, continue the 'monthly newsletter,', write more 'comedy spotlights', and do more 'comedy tips'.

If you have ideas for an article or want to promote a show or album, please send an e-mail to

Ms. Jordyn Leigh, a talented graphic designer and artist, designed the 2022 logos. Thank you, Jordyn, for the logos and I cannot wait to see what you produce next.

I never imagined the impact my little website would have on the international comedy community. I have stood by the philosophy of promoting stand-up comedy for the love of stand-up comedy. The website has proven stars on the site as well as unknown comics. And some of these unknown comics ten years ago are now household names.

Thank you to everyone who visits, supports, and contributes to keeping The Comedy Green Room an International Comedy Resource.


David Reuben

Founder Of The Comedy Green Room

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