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Ms. Kelly Aija Zemnickis

Ms. Kelly Aija Zemnickis celebrates two millstones in January 2021. On January 12th, she celebrated 5 years of performing stand-up comedy. Ms. Zemnickis has performed in clubs and bars in Canada and the USA. Since April 2020, Kelly has worked to become a major force in performing online across the globe. Check out this International Zoom Comedy Warrior.


On Tuesday January 19tn, Kelly's "it’ll Be Fine: A Baking Show" celebrates the 100th episode. Ms. Zemnickis retooled her amazing baking show by going online because of Covid-19. The 100th episode of #itllbefineabakingshow with guests Lisa Feingold, Janice Israeloff, Mr. & Mrs. Z [ Kelly's parents ], Jesse Bond & more special guests is gonna make this episode off the charts fun.

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