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The ongoing tasks that are expectedly implemented by the aspiring comic can be easily equated with their significance. Writing, rehearsing in front of an audience, indulgence in self and peer critique. Trial and error, the willingness to be humbled by a crowd and reappear, adapting, and adjusting one’s performance regularly… In respect of potential and the efforts that can be taken to reach heights that may never have been considered, one must acknowledge certain undertakings that can be practiced which can allow him or her to become most efficient in their craft.

It is not a secret that a fair number of individuals struggle with their health and lifestyle choices. A career in the world of comedy may pose specific obstacles to the individual aspiring to make a name in this territory. Late hours, consistent travel, odd scheduling engagements to name a few. Nevertheless, by making a few unintimidating changes, one can advance with a superior stride and tap into unexplored reserves.

Move your body and stimulate progress

Exercise promotes blood flow throughout the body, allowing nutrients to flow more readily through muscles and organs. It releases tension and stress, supplying the body and brain with invigoration and energy. Exercise can help to improve posture by providing strength and suppleness to engaged muscle groups.

When one exercises effectively, their body releases chemicals called endorphins which interact with receptors in the brain, often promoting a more positive and energized outlook on life. Recent studies have shown that exercise can improve memory and cognition, both factors relating directly to the responsibilities of the comic. Exercise can increase confidence and self-esteem. It can allow the individual to be sharper and more creative. It has proven to ward off anxiety and open the mind.

The area of the brain involved in organizing emotional response is called the hippocampus and it has been proven that individuals who partake in regular aerobic exercise have moderate increases in hippocampus volume compared to those who do not. It is no less than obvious, to the layperson and the comic alike that emotions are directly tied to comedic performance.

The foundation of communication is rooted in the brain and improvements in physical fitness have been associated with increased neuronal fibre integrity within the skull. This in turn is associated with higher brain function, improved decision making and superior thinking. In pursuance of a career that is based upon one’s ability to rise above competition, to persist and to intrigue the masses, the question isn’t why should the aspiring comic partake in physical exercise. The question is why shouldn’t they?

For the individual who honestly desires to better themselves, there aren’t any excuses as to why he or she should not use every opportunity available in effort to become the best that they are capable of becoming. On the road or restricted to the confines of a hotel room? Regardless of one’s situation, he or she can perform all or some of the activities mentioned below without any equipment or additional resources needed. A well-rounded approach to fitness for both the beginner and the advanced can be initiated using the three-pronged formula listed.

  1. Start with 20 – 30 mins a day. Work up to one hour a day if able

  2. Start with 10 – 15 minutes of stretching 3 times a week. Focus on stretching large/major muscle groups including areas that may be tense. Make sure to breathe while you are stretching.

  3. Bodyweight Exercise - Pushups, abdominal exercises, bodyweight squats and pullups (if able)

Ryan Jansen

Owner and Personal Trainer

Hitback Evolution LLC


#Mental Health

Reach Out To A Mental Health Professional If Necessary!!

Be Smart, Be Safe

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