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Behind The Yuk's

Paul Myrehaug

Small Town Boy Grabs The Gold

In 2001, Mr. Paul Myrehaug (pronounced my-re-hog) was armed with a marketing diploma and a dream to do stand-up comedy. Flash forward to April 1, 2007, Paul was crowned winner of The Yuk Yuk's Great Canadian Laugh Off 2007 at the flagship Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club in Toronto and received a cheque for $25,000.

This stand-up journey has taken Paul from his hometown of Camrose, Alberta to as far north as the Yukon Territories, to as far south as the Dominican Republic. While in the Dominican Mr. Myrehaug found himself in a Third World Country's hospital with the most serious case of food poisoning, they have ever seen! Now living in Toronto Paul continues to rack up the miles and the awards.

Among his other achievements Paul placed second in the Seattle International Comedy Competition 2006, an honour previously held by both Robin Williams and Dane Cook. In July 2007 this funny young man was performing at Just For Laughs in Montreal, and in November 2007 he was making people laugh at the Halifax Comedy Fest.

According to Paul, "I always knew I wanted to be a stand-up. It wasn't even really a conscious decision, I loved making my friends laugh, so when I was old enough to go into a bar........ I wanted to make crowds laugh." Paul wants to be on stage all the time and is like a comedy club rink rat.

With the support of his highly educated and hard-working family Paul started to create a style of stand-up comedy that is unique to him. "I just try to have as much fun as possible on stage. Crowds can pick up on energy very quickly, so if I'm having fun, their having fun!" Others describe Paul's act as Sex, drugs, and rock and roll, and a likeability on stage that allows Paul to talk about anything, and not offend the crowd.

Starting in Western Canada allowed Paul to learn and grow-up fast in the competitive world of stand-up comedy. Within his first year of stand-up young Mr. Myrehaug was on the road doing half hour sets. "You have to learn how to be funny pretty quick when you're staring at 100 roughnecks in a bar in Fort McMurray, Alberta."

The Yuk Yuk's Great Canadian Laugh Off 2007 was a real boost to Paul's career. It has opened many doors for him in The Canadian Comedy Industry. As Paul says, "It's nice to have something like the laugh off on your resume when pitching yourself to CBC festivals, TV shows, and writing gigs. After 2008 I will have done all the Canadian Comedy Festivals, and my own stand-up special airing on the comedy network. These things would have been ten times harder to land without the laugh off."

Mr. Myrehaug's Comedy Now Special will be aired in spring of 2008, and The Yuk Yuk's Great Canadian Laugh Off 2007 opened the door to Corporate Comedy Bookings. As well, Paul met some high-end casting agents during the competition and is now auditioning for TV commercials.

To relax on the road Mr. Myrehaug plays guitar every day and when he gets a chance plays golf. Be careful if you play golf with him, Paul was competitive golfer in the junior circuits growing up

The future is bright for this very talented young man. He hopes to get a United States working permit, so that he can concur the US comedy clubs. Paul remains a crowd favorite on the Canadian Comedy Circuit. And outside of Stand-up he is continuing to write scripts, and sketches. Paul says that "Acting scares me, so the best thing to do for a guy like me is write for the actors.

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