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The Comedy Green Room February 2021 Newsletter

Another Comedy Spotlight Coming Soon

Big Daddy Tazz

Big Shout out to Big Daddy Tazz who has read to children 7 days a week. So far, he has read over 700 children’s books in over 315 days. As of January 4, 2021 Tazzy will continue to read to children once a day in the evenings. For more information visit or become friends with Tazzy

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A Different Comedy World!

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

More important than anything else is the health and safety of every single person on the planet. And a big thank you to the frontline workers in this fight against Covid-19

We are in the 11th month of the world-wide pandemic. The good and the bad of society has been exposed. We must continue the fight to lower the Covid-19 numbers. Wear a mask, wash your hands, limit your chance of exposure by avoiding large gatherings.

Please be kind to your neighbour! We do not know the suffering that they may be dealing with. I believe in Karma and what goes around comes around.

It is important to take care of your own physical and mental health. For me it is a daily battle to exercise, eat healthy, and keep a positive attitude. I want to be in good physical and mental shape when I can get back on stage in front of a live audience. This is the longest I have been away from a comedy stage in twenty one years.

I have got to say, it is strange spending my nights at home. But I know that it is the right thing to do as I am in a high risk category for Covid-19. Knock on wood so far so good. It has not been easy having a little bubble of one. Me, Myself, &I! Fortunately, I have people to reach out to daily by phone, text, and zoom.

Remember to be kind to yourself... Do something that makes you happy every day.

Due to the Coronavirus Happy Hour Comedy @ Ein-Stein’s Bier Halle in Toronto is on Hiatus

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International Songwriting Competition (ISC) has announced winners of the US-based Unsigned Only Music Competition were announced today. A total of 20 Canadian artists garnered wins in the competition geared toward unsigned artists. For more information visit

#Mental Health


Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Check for your local Mental Health Resource


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