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The Comedy Green Room January 2023 Newsletter

Happy New Year from The Comedy Green Room dot com

Another Comedy Spotlight Coming Soon!

The Comedy Green Room:

Our 22nd year started Dec. 31, 2022, and what a year it has been!! I would personally like to thank everyone who is on, everyone who visits The Comedy Green Room, and everyone who tells others about The Comedy Green Room will continue to strive to be: A Comprehensive guide to Local, National, & International Comedy” The largest independently run comedy resource in the world.

New Year’s Eve 2000 without a gig and my girlfriend at the time out of town, I had just finished an HTML course at Community College. I registered the name and started to play around with the HTML. Put two stand-up comics on the website, The Fabulous Kenny Robinson and Ruby. A pretty basic website to say the least!

Twenty Two years later, and I never imagined the impact my little website would have on the international comedy community. I have stood by the philosophy of promoting stand-up comedy for the love of stand-up comedy. The website had proven stars on the site as well as unknown comics. And some of the known comics 20 years ago are now household names.

Today it is a labour of LOVE! The "Comedy Spotlights" The "Comic Of The Week" "Comedy Tips" have all been copied by others. That is what happens when you are a trailblazer... The Comedy Green Room's Charity work is legendary and started from day one, continues with events in Canada and the United States. Working with children's and adult charities to promote laughter has been the one of the greatest joys of my life. And again in 2023, The Comedy Green Room will be working with

I would not have met some of my closest friends without The Comedy Green Room... They include Paul Adams from the UK, Charlie Adams from the UK, Linda Belt from the USA, Trish Keenan from the USA, James Moore from Calgary Alberta, Norm Shaw from Edmonton Alberta, Lars Callieou from Edmonton Alberta, Big Daddy Tazz from Winnipeg Manitoba, Jade Esteban Estrada from the USA, Kelly Zemnickis from Toronto ON, Rich Jackson from the USA, and Tasha Harris from the USA to name a few. I am sure I missed many, please forgive me.

Of course the most important people are the comedy fans that read all my blogs from around the world and comment on them. It was incredible to me in 2000 and even more incredible in 2023. I love getting emails from comedy fans and comics all over the world commenting on something on something they read.

Producing The Hogtown Comedy Festival (TM) from 2002 to 2006 in Toronto ON with OJ Kness and Arie Kizel was a dream come true for me. Having it sponsored by The Comedy Green Room was out of this world. Giving the proceeds to charity every year the cherry on top...Opening doors for young comics to be seen by people of power in Canada even better... Many of the young comics on Hogtown are major headliners, including Tyler Morrison, Dave Merheje, Aaron Berg, Michael Harrison, John Moses, and Nathan Macintosh.

Being asked to be an advisor to The Johnny Carson Comedy Festival and The Valley Of Laughter Comedy Festival because they heard about me because of The Comedy Green Room and Hogtown Comedy Festival. Well...Wow!

Becoming a corporate sponsor of The Yuk Yuk's Great Canadian Laugh Off was great, but being a judge at the Laugh Off was the cherry on top. Thank you Mark Breslin and Jeff Silverman for the experience.

Having Jennifer Lee Pryor call me up in the fall of 2003 and tell me that Richard found my site and wanted to be on it validated all my hard work... Getting his 1972 Tonight Show picture from them to use on the site... Again Wow! Wow! Wow!

Remember Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Kenny Robinson's 65th Birthday Show:

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The Funnies:

The Comedy Green Room would like to welcome “The Funnies” to our Comedy Family. Each month an independent artist will be featured!

The brainchild of Mr. Hans Yadav, "The Funnies" is a newsletter that curates the best web comics from the best indie comic artists in the world. 95% of the newsletter's revenue goes directly to the artists, to support them in doing what they love.

January Cartoon: Tegan Phillips Comics

Artist: Tegan Phillips

For more information on “The Funnies” or to subscribe visit: and get your exclusive promo code!

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Canadian Comedy Hall Of Fame:

The Canadian Comedy Hall Of Fame Festival on November 16, 17, and 18 was an epic success. All three nights were fun, emotional, and well attended.

Tim Progosh and his staff did an amazing job keeping every show running smoothly and dealt with unexpected issues professionally as they came up. it was great to catch up with old friends and meet so many people in the Canadian Comedy Industry.

As I said to Tim Progosh during the Gala..."Now this is how Canadian Comedy should be respected"!!!

Here is a picture of me and J.P MacDonald [ Mike MacDonald's brother]

Me and a national treasure Martha E. Chaves

Until December 31, 2022, you can become a lifetime member of The Canadian Comedy Hall Of Fame for only $25.

For more information on The Canadian Comedy Hall Of Fame

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The Stand-Up Banker:

Anthony Solimini, known as The Stand-Up Banker, was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and spent 25 years living and working in Asia where he started stand-up comedy in 2009 at The TakeOut Comedy Club owned and. Managed by Jami Gong.

Being the youngest of four, with three older sisters and an Italian grandmother he had no choice but to enter the world of comedy! This, coupled with his travels around the world have given him a lot of material!

From his first open mic, comedy became a passion, and he has since performed in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Philippines, Australia, USA, and Macau and opened for some of the biggest comedians from around the world.

He was a finalist in the JokeNation by Montreau Comedy.

He’s shared the stage with some of the best comedians from around the world:

Tom Cotter, Ted Alexandro, Butch Bradley, Paul Ogata, Pablo Francisco, Brad Upton, Dwayne Perkins, Kermit Apio, Ruben Paul, Dennis Regan, John Maloney Gina Yashere, Chad Daniels Tom Segura, Pete Lee, Al Ducharme, Bernadette Pauley, Amy Anderson, Wali Collins and Imaan Hadchiti to name a few!

He was also featured in the movie “I Need You to Kill” with Tom Segura. And in 2018 he fulfilled a lifelong dream and got inducted as a member of New York’s famous Friars Club!

He now resides in Phoenix, Arizona where he produces and hosts the monthly Ha Ha Tukee Comedy Show featuring some of the best comedians in Arizona!

You can find out more about Anthony Solimini

Mention you found out about Ha Ha Tukee on

New Book:

Victor the Daydreamer by Comic/Magician Vito D'Amico

A children's book for kids with dyslexia! Mr. D'Amico himself deals with dyslexia/ dyscalculia and has been a touring comic for 25 years. He added magic to his act 5 years ago and enjoys the crowd interaction. Originally from Toronto, ON Canada he now resides in St. Thomas, ON Canada with his wife and family.

Thank you, Bill Davern, for the wonderful Promo Video about Vito D'Amico's book.

To order "Victor the Daydreamer" contact Vito at The book is only $20 Cdn plus shipping. A great Holiday gift for any child.

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All Cops Ain’t Bad:

The author, David Reuben, would like to welcome “All Cops Ain’t Bad” to The Comedy Green Room family.

I recently had a zoom chat with Daryll Triplett and Michael Williams two of the great people behind this charitable organization.

Their purpose is to bridge the gap between our cops and the community. We want to show the world that we are “only human”.

They also coordinate and provide support and relief to all current and retired First Responders with an emphasis on “Cops” and “Victims of Police Brutality”.

“All Cop’s Ain’t Bad” bring healing to our communities and their families through comedy, counseling, peer mentoring, individually and in comedy concert settings, filled with lots of laughter and love.

The goal is to raise awareness through community events, media outlets, social media, service organizations and churches, screaming to the top of our voices that… “All Cop’s Ain’t Bad”.

For more information on "All Cop's Ain't Bad"

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Big Daddy Tazz:

Big Daddy Tazz continues to read to children of all ages. Currently he has read over1,165 books since March 18, 2020. Tazzy is one of the sweetest and kindest humans in the Canadian Comedy Community. For more information visit or become friends with Tazz on FB

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Diary of a Locked Down Comedian:

Ever wondered what a comedian does when the world comes to a standstill due to a global pandemic, and the entire arts industry grinds to a halt? Wonder no more! Paul Adams has diarized his experiences of lockdown, coffees, books, and his love of music in his debut book, "Diary of a Locked Down Comedian". For more information visit: or Amazon UK

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I first met Paul Adams through his father, comedy writer Charlie Adams. Charlie was the first UK comic on The Comedy Green Room. Charlie suggested I check out his son, stand-up comic Paul Adams.

We hit it off and Paul was invited to perform at The HogTown Comedy Festival (TM) in Toronto ON Canada. Paul decided to move to Toronto and performed in comedy clubs and bars throughout Canada and the USA for about 2 years. Paul's clean and funny comedy style was a refreshing change to the Toronto Comedy Community from 2004 to 2006.

Mr. Paul Adams new book Diary of a Locked Down Comedian is a funny, charming, and insightful look into his pandemic experience. Check it out!

The Nubian Comedy Revue: Presented by Mr. Kenny Robinson

Sunday Jan. 29th 8:30pm Yuk Yuk's Toronto

To buy tickets

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The US-based International Songwriting Competition (ISC) has announced the 2022

US-based Unsigned Only Music Competition Winners

For more information on the 2022 US-based Unsigned Only Music Competition Winners

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Take Care Of Your Mental Health

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