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The Comedy Green Room May 2024 Newsletter

Another "Comedy Spotlight" Coming Soon!

Comedy Underground:

In late 2023, I met two of the nicest people in Canadian Comedy Jacob and Anya Anderson, They run Comedy Underground in Hamilton ON... They have given so many of us GTA comics a fun place to perform and hang out with our friends...

I have had them on two of my shows, and done some other comedy shows with them. I always try to surround myself with good people... I have always felt that the major part of the show is good comedy but right behind is working with good people.

Jacob and Anya have had some set backs since opening in October 2023. Since taking possession, they have had the furnace die, some major electrical issues, and MULTIPLE water and sewer leaks, the last of which shut the club down, until repairs to a pipe could be done. Since they locked into a long-term COMMERCIAL lease, the landlord has washed his hands of responsibility, and insisted Jacob and Anya pay for all/any future repairs out of pocket. The city is now requiring them to have an engineer inspect, and submit paperwork, before they are allowed to re-open. This process can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks, and the lowest quote they could get was for $4305 with taxes. For the past 3 months, they have been paying rent and bills with credit, and have run out of both money and credit, and are at an absolute standstill.

Adding to the stress further, they had their vehicle break down, and cost over $1000 in towing and repairs, which has now crippled them. Jacob has sold his beloved Mustang, and all of his personal valuables to keep the dream of the club alive, but that barely covered the rent, and outstanding bills overdue.

Comedy Underground is a place that makes Hamilton, and not only the COMEDY community better, but the community in general better. Anya and Jacob are honest and decent people, who have bent over backwards to give opportunities to those who otherwise might not gave gotten the opportunities, and asked for nothing in return.

The club welcomes all, and discriminates against no one, and was showing a very bright future. They need our help to pay off the city, so they're given the "OK" to re-open. We, as a community need Comedy Underground as much as they need us, so let's please come together to help them, and save the club they've worked a lifetime to try and build for us!

Please donate to help Comedy Underground in Hamilton ON

The Funnies:

A new cartoon every month from "The Funnies"!

The brainchild of Mr. Hans Yadav, "The Funnies" is a newsletter that curates the best web comics from the best indie comic artists in the world. 95% of the newsletter's revenue goes directly to the artists, to support them in doing what they love.

May 2024 Cartoon: Ellis Rosen

Artist: Ellis Rosen

 For more information on “The Funnies” or to subscribe visit: and get your exclusive promo code!

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The Comedy Green Room Blog has been selected by The FeedSpot panelist as one of the Top 20 Stand Up Comedy Blogs on the web.

Canadian Comedy Hall Of Fame:

The Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame 2023 Inductees:

Congrats to all the Inductees!!

The CCHOF is a registered NFP:

The CCHOF is a registered NFP whose mandate is “to celebrate, promote and preserve Canadian Achievements in comedy.”

For more information on The Canadian Comedy Hall Of Fame

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New Book:

Victor the Daydreamer by Comic/Magician Vito D'Amico

A children's book for kids with dyslexia! Mr. D'Amico himself deals with dyslexia/ dyscalculia and has been a touring comic for 25 years. He added magic to his act 5 years ago and enjoys the crowd interaction. Originally from Toronto, ON Canada he now resides in St. Thomas, ON Canada with his wife and family.

Thank you, Bill Davern, for the wonderful Promo Video about Vito D'Amico's book.

To order "Victor the Daydreamer" contact Vito at The book is only $20 Cdn plus shipping. A great Holiday gift for any child.

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Diary of a Locked Down Comedian:

Ever wondered what a comedian does when the world comes to a standstill due to a global pandemic, and the entire arts industry grinds to a halt? Wonder no more! Paul Adams has diarized his experiences of lockdown, coffees, books, and his love of music in his debut book, "Diary of a Locked Down Comedian". For more information visit: or Amazon UK

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I first met Paul Adams through his father, comedy writer Charlie Adams. Charlie was the first UK comic on The Comedy Green Room. Charlie suggested I check out his son, stand-up comic Paul Adams.

We hit it off and Paul was invited to perform at The HogTown Comedy Festival (TM) in Toronto ON Canada. Paul decided to move to Toronto and performed in comedy clubs and bars throughout Canada and the USA for about 2 years. Paul's clean and funny comedy style was a refreshing change to the Toronto Comedy Community from 2004 to 2006.

Mr. Paul Adams new book Diary of a Locked Down Comedian is a funny, charming, and insightful look into his pandemic experience. Check it out!

The Nubian Comedy Revue: Presented by Mr. Kenny Robinson

Sunday May 26th at 8:30pm Yuk Yuk's Toronto

To buy tickets

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Nashville, TN (September 28, 2023) - The Unsigned Only Music Competition, renowned for celebrating the best of independent and unsigned artists, is pleased to announce the 2023 winners.

Established in 2012, this year’s competition garnered almost 6,000 entries from almost 100 countries, reflecting the immense pool of musical talent worldwide. Winners share in over $150,000 in cash and prizes are split among 38 winners, including a $20,000 (US) cash prize to the overall Grand Prize winner. In addition to cash and merchandise, winners receive invaluable exposure through press, social media, and more.

It is with great pleasure that Unsigned Only bestows its highest honor, the overall Grand Prize, to Charlotte Sands, a Hopkinton, MA native who currently resides in Nashville, TN, for her upbeat, hit-worthy single, Dress

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