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The Incredible Boris

Traveling Man

The Incredible Boris is on the road 300 days a year, yet he has never worked for a living. According to Boris "I did not choose a career in show business. It chose me. What I do now was initially a hobby. It became a desire and an obsession that took over my life. I look forward to every aspect of what I do - from writing material and traveling, to getting on stage and hearing the laughter."

Boris Cherniak was born in Moscow Russian and came to Canada at age 10. As a teenager Mr. Cherniak read a book called "The Search For Bridey Murphy" by Morey Bernstein. This book about hypnotism and regression was a turning point the young man's life.

Already a talented musician and inquisitive student, Boris read everything related to the subject of hypnosis, body language, neuro linguistic programming and many other mind studies and disciplines. Boris says that "I have read thousands of books on the subject and got certified as a hypnotherapist." Laughter came into Boris life at an early age, as a young boy his family lived across from the Moscow Circus and he spent many hours in the audience and backstage. He was mentored by world famous clowns Yury Nikulin and Oleg Popov.

His first professional gig was at age 17 but Boris was performing many years before hitting the stages in Canada. As a kid he did impressions and entertained family and friends. Boris says "I was the kid that at family get-togethers was the life of the party."

Mr. Cherniak's first love is entertaining as a comedy hypnotist. However he is passionate about all forms of comedy. According to Boris "Laughter is the best way to help people forget themselves in the moment. It is not necessarily clean or dirty that is funny, it's the material and delivery."

With talent, persistence and downright hard work Boris has forged his own path in Canadian, US, and International show business. Boris is proud to say "I choose to create my own trends. It may not always be successful, but when it is, the euphoria that is incomparable."

Many awards have followed including being the first hypnotist ever to be nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award in 2010 in the One Person Show category. Over 20 other awards have come Boris' way and few people know that he was the fist person ever to coin the phrase "Google Me" in 2004.

His love of performing is only matched by his love of mentoring young performers. As the owner of the very successful comedy chain "Comedywood", Boris mentored many of the most successful Canadian Stand -Up Comics working professionally today.

Behind every successful man is his family and Boris is blessed with a wonderful family who understand what he does and who he is. According to Boris" his family keeps him grounded." Mr. Cherniak is a proud Canadian and likes Toronto. He can perform anywhere a plane, train or automobile can take him. Boris states, "I have spent a lot of time on the road, but there is nothing better than coming home - I love the familiar environment and old friends."

The word is the Incredible Boris' playground and he is about to embark on a college and theatre tour, corporate functions and a TV project. Catch this amazing performing when he comes to your area. The Incredible Boris should not be missed. If it is a comedy club a huge auditorium or a charity function Boris will give you everything and more.

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