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Tyler Morrison

Comic, Producer and Business Man

Tyler remembers, "My first time on Stage doing stand-up comedy at The Humber College Show at Yuk Yuk's, I killed and then I was addicted to stand-up." Tyler says "Originally I went to Humber College to learn to write sketch comedy, TV shows, novels and movies.

I first met Tyler Morrison when he was an 18 year old first year Humber College Student. Tyler was a very respectful young man who had his families backing in his pursuit of his comedy dream.

A raw talent that was developing through his love of writing and being the class clown in High School. According to Tyler, "I was the class clown who walked the fine line between trouble maker and good student."

For two years Tyler commuted from Nobleton ON to Etobicoke ON for school and then hit the open-mic rooms in Toronto ON most nights getting home after 2am and then doing homework.

Tyler's biggest influence in comedy was Andrew Dice Clay, and Tyler wanted to do Edgy Intelligent Comedy and avoid the self destructive nature of the business.

After graduating from the Humber School of Comedy, Tyler hit the semi- pro and pro rooms in Canada and the USA. This included the Boston Comedy Festival and The Hogtown Comedy Festival™.

In 2008 Tyler started the Cottage Country Comedy Festival in beautiful Muskoka ON. The idea was simple Tyler wanted to create his own path in comedy and promote young talent and give them a change to grow and honour the established comics.

Again his family was very important in the development of the Cottage Country Comedy Festival, because the festival was the Morrison's own personal party blending professional comedy with the beauty of the Muskoka area and their own friendly warm small town nature. According to Tim Morrison, (Tyler's Dad) "every person that performs at the festival becomes part of the Morrison's extended family."

The Canadian Comedy has been Industry has been very accepting of the Cottage County Comedy Festival and in 2010 the Debaters CBC radio show was at the festival as part of the G8 Cottage Country Comedy Festival. According to Tyler, "The Debaters legitimize the Festival and now more and more professional comic want to be part of it."

2011 was an exciting year for Tyler and the Cottage Country Comedy Festival. He wants to continue to bring good comics who are good people up to the festival and turn the Cottage Comedy Festival into a family business. As Tyler sees it, "my family has always been very supportive and this gives me the incentive to be successful."

These days Tyler is a touring headliner across Canada and the USA. Watch out if you are on a Roast show and Mr. Morrison is on it as well, as he is one of the best "Roast Masters" in North America.

Tyler Morrison and John Moses are in Season 2 of their highly successful Podcast "Fight Stories" where Tyler and John bring you the wildest/funniest fight stories from pros to average Joes! or and get an earful. Also, available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher & more.

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