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Charlie Adams

A Unique Talent & Lovely Man

I started The Comedy Green Room in 2001 and had only 2 Canadian Comics on the site. I had no idea if anyone would want to be on The Comedy Green Room, and then I got an e-mail from Mr. Charlie Adams. In a blink of the eye www.thecomedygreenroom was an international site.

Little did I know at the time that Charlie who have a major influence on me and The Comedy Green Room. Not only was he a legendary British Comedy Writer or as he called himself a "gag writer", but Mr. Adams had written for one of my hero's Bob Hope.

Wherever Charlie went in the UK he always spoke highly of The Comedy Green Room. He also pressured his son, stand-up comic Paul Adams, to contact me and this started what has become a life long friendship.

I got to meet Charlie Adams when he came to Toronto to visit his son Paul who was based in Toronto for a year mostly due to having come to The HogTown Comedy Festival(TM) sponsored by The Comedy Green Room.

What was supposed to be a half hour coffee in the annex area of Toronto ended up being a five hour talk about comedy. Bottom line, Charlie, Paul and I discovered funny is funny and it crosses all cities, countries and oceans.

The next night I was in for another surprise from Charlie Adams, he and Paul showed up at Happy Hour Comedy@ Ein-Stein's Pub in Toronto and watched Ten amateur comics do their stuff. The fact is that Charlie Adams just loved to be around stand-up comics and he watched and encouraged everyone of those amateur comics.

On the morning of August 2, 2013, Mr. Charlie Adams passed away in the UK surrounded by his family. I am grateful for the friendship and encouragement that Charlie gave me. In fact, he finally wrote an article for The Comedy Green Room this year, I guess he got tired of me nagging him every month for an article. His article will be re-printed in the September 2013 Newsletter.

Mr. Charlie Adams was a unique talent and a lovely man. I am glad to call him a friend and will miss him dearly. RIP "GAG WRITER"

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